Modern Cask Fest: Start the Conversation

Hey there Cask Beer fans,

We thought it was about time we introduced ourselves and shared a little about what Modern Cask Fest is all about….

We are Jared, James, Harry and Tommy … and together we are Modern Cask.

The truth is – we’re just a bunch of friends who love sharing time together drinking fantastic beer. Fantastic beer that we are passionate about and that we believe should be honoured with the respect it deserves.

And that’s what Modern Cask Fest is all about. Good times, with the best of friends and the most exciting beer (treated with love) to kick start the conversation. 

A conversation that will start with:

  • Pioneering Breweries – Bringing you a selection of the best talent from local Liverpool breweries – Chapter, Gibberish, Black Lodge and Top Rope in addition to a wealth of leading names from the UK craft scene including Siren, Arbor, Wylam, Northern Monk, Cloudwater and more…. 
  • Heaps of Style – There’ll be pale, porter, stout and bitter, table, sour and even DIPA! Wait does that rhyme? 
  • Perfect Condition – We’re breaking the mould by building our own, custom built Modern Cask Fest cold room. All our beers will be kept between 10 & 11°C, a temperature which we believe suits the modern style and will bring thirst quenching refreshment at the summer September session. What’s more we’ll be carefully venting our beer to ensure it has the freshness and life that direct from the cask deserves, which we think is essential for a genre which bridges the craft keg and trad cask worlds.

And as such a conversation that we believe can only end one way, with: 

  • Smiles
  • Smiles
  • And MORE SMILES….. 

Over the next couple of weeks we’ll be bringing you more news, not only about the festival line up, but about who we each are, why beer is our passion and why we believe Modern Cask Fest is not to be missed…. 

Yours excitedly from – Jared, James, Harry & Tommy

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